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General Textile Screen Printing

秒速快3Streamlining Supplied Artwork

As a screen printing shop gets larger each area of the business gets more complex。 There are typically more employees, orders, tasks, steps, and overall more things that can get out of sync with each other。 A company may double in size over the course of just a few years but the process or system that manages how things are done in an art department will often remain the same。

Direct-to-Garment Printing

Bridging the Gap Between Screen and Digital Printing for Textiles

As the analog-to-digital transformation in textile printing starts taking off, hybrid solutions are emerging that fill the gap between screen and digital printing. In this article, Senior Editor Cary Sherburne discusses this gap issue, includes insight from a California-based screen printer, and highlights an interesting hybrid solution in the form of M&R’s Digital Squeegee.

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